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Being an art teacher, I have many interests. One of which is Origami. In this blog, I wish to share with friends and family pictures of what I have been up to, life on our small farm, and possibly some other art work I or my son do. I hope you enjoy my small speck in the net.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Star of David Money Fold

I bought the book "Making More With Money" published by Origami USA about four years ago. I wanted this book mainly for the Star of David fold designed by Fred Rohm. However, I was disappointed to learn that to make it , you had to use landmarks on the dollar bill. It has been in the back of my head all this time. There must be a way to figure out how to make this model from any size rectangle of the same proportions without using the landmarks from the dollar bill, and without using major math skills of which I have none. While in church a few weeks ago, not thinking about this in any way, WHAM! it hit me. It was so simple. I had to try it out right then during the sermon before I forgot. The following are some examples. I am awe struck at the wonder of God's creation of the human mind and how it works.


Brown paper stars

Here are two that I made out of the paper that is used to hold the paper towels together before they are put in the towel dispenser at school. We art teachers save and use everything.