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Being an art teacher, I have many interests. One of which is Origami. In this blog, I wish to share with friends and family pictures of what I have been up to, life on our small farm, and possibly some other art work I or my son do. I hope you enjoy my small speck in the net.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Here we have Zane in his favorite spot doing his favorite thing.

Here are some pears that we got this last Summer. They were very good and we are looking forward to next years crop.

All our papayas died last year because of the freeze. This year I have started some Solo Papayas and am keeping them pot so as to move them in doors when it gets too cold. Here are two in front of my shop.

I had an old trash can on wheels that was busted at the top. So, since I like to recycle, I cut off the top and made a nice planter on wheels.
This one I move with the help of a hand truck.

This is Lulu, and she is that. If I don't feed her soon enough, she paws at me with her hoof. She is just about one year old.
Shirley here is Lulu's mother. She is not as friendly. We have only had these sheep for about 5 months now. I would like to learn how to spin some wool when we shear them.

Lassie is just as large as ever. It hard for us to keep her weight down. She keeps on telling us that we are not feeding her enough.

This is the rooster Zane showed at the last Florida State Fair. He got 3rd place. Not bad for his first try.

This is one of my doves. Soon they will be moved to a petting cage where they will be able to fly around.

This are the two call ducks we got over the Summer. We are hoping to hatch out a batch of ducklings this spring.

Mary Lou is on the left, Dulcinea is on the right. Dulcinea is B.J.'s mother.

This is B.J. which used to stand for Baby Jack until we decided to keep him. Now it stands for Baby James ( after the song "Sweet Baby James" Mary would sing to the boys when they were young).

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Your dynasty continues to grow. Merry Christmas.

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