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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kitchen Remodeling

Well, the first thing that had to go was this wall to open up the kitchen area. It is not as much fun as those Do-it-yourself T.V. shows would have you believe.

Then there was the door that led into the garage that had to be enclosed to give us more wall space. This was not too hard although, I would have done a better job if I could do it over. Isn't that the case with almost everything?

It did turn out okay in the end.

Tearing out the wall created other problems, such as the ceiling that had to be repaired. "I have an idea" Mary said, "while you're up there, lets have some better lighting". Yes, dear...

I put in new cabinets and built a breakfast bar.

I went with putting the type of tile on the bar top that we will be using for the floor.

It's not too bad.

We (the royal WE meaning me) still have to put in a kitchen ceiling fan, tile the floor, and moulding. I have already put in beadboard on the wall. I add new pictures for those steps as they happen.


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