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Being an art teacher, I have many interests. One of which is Origami. In this blog, I wish to share with friends and family pictures of what I have been up to, life on our small farm, and possibly some other art work I or my son do. I hope you enjoy my small speck in the net.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This year I decided to have my students make cranes and do another school display.

This time an American flag. I saved the white cranes from last year and had the students make red and blue ones.

But since my art lessons have been cut to 30 min. I could only have time to teach the flapping bird and swans. I had more of a positive response to this display.

I should have taken some pictures with some of the students in with the display. Oh, well, next year.

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Last year I had my students make peace cranes and (peace) swans for Peace Day which is on September 21st. I took them and made a display out on the school lawn. Everyone as far as I know liked it. Here are a few pictures.

The 4th and 5th graders made cranes. At this time I had 45 min. art classes.

The 3rd graders learned how to make the flapping bird while the 2nd graders made swans. The 1st graders made a simplier version of the swan.

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